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Drawn Junk

Drawn Junk - The doodle community
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Welcome to Drawn Junk, a dump site for artwork. This community can work two ways. You can submit your art, most likely get comments/critiques... Or you can look at all the art I put in here. Either way, there are some rules/guidlines I'd appreciate you to follow.

These rules are to be followed at all times, and if you do not comply with them, you will get one warning. After your one warning you will be deleted from the community, and not allowed to re-enter.

1.No advertising your communities. Go to advertise_it or some other place.
2.You may post your artwork at a maximum of 2 times daily. Otherwise I will consider it spamming, and delete you for clogging up my community.
3.No fighting. By this I mean don't go out of your way to piss someone off, don't start arguments, and please be fair with your comments. We're going to be a happy healthy community, and it is up to you whether or not we get along. If someone is bothering you, please kindly ask them to stop, dont be cursing at them.
4.Don't post off subject. You don't always have to post art when you post here, but don't be talking about things other than art. Talking about a drawing convention or whatever is fine, talking about what you did with your boyfriend last week is unacceptable!
5.Each submition should be art. Not porn, and not a little stick figure sketch that took you 5 minutes. Take time, and if it's something appropriate, run it by ME first, and I'll let you know whether you can put it in or not.
5.HAVE FUN! Let's please make this community as fun as possible, after all, drawing is fun. So lets keep it that way.

If you need to contact me, here are some ways to do it.
AIM: Kamakaze Chicken
Y!: purplesnuffleupagus
@: purplesnuffleupagus@msn.com
MSN: purplesnuffleupagus@msn.com
Or comment in my journal, drawnfreak